23 April 2009

Shared Minds: Faculty and Students – Interdisciplinary Work at Pratt Institute.

This forum explored interdisciplinary work and its potential as a catalyst for social change through a range of efforts, both historical and current. The panel builds on interdisciplinary and social change initiatives such as Pratt's Master Academic Plan (MAP), the Pratt Center and Sustainable Pratt.
        • What are the opportunities and constraints for interdisciplinary work?
        • Is there a connection between interdisciplinary work and social justice?
Anusha Venkataraman and Rebecca Hernandez
Student Experiences

Rosemary Palms and Amy Brook Snider
From Writing Across the Curriculum to The Journal Project
Jim Costanzo and Ann Messner
fine arts: a catalyst for social change?
Eva Hanhardt, Deb Johnson and Ayse Yonder
Sustainable Pratt
Heather Lewis and Brynna Tucker, IACSC Co-Chairs
Victoria Hattam
Professor, Political Science, The New School

This event was sponsored by the Initiative for Arts Community and Social Change (IACSC) with support from the Academic Senate and was held on Thursday, April 23rd 2009 at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY.

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