26 October 2011

Thanks to all who participated, attended, stumbled upon, and/or celebrated with us on October 25, 2011.

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Celebrate Life!, the first of what we hope will be an annual event, is held in honor of our colleague, mentor and friend, Monica Shay who directed the Arts and Cultural Management Program and was a founding member of the Initiative for Arts, Community and Social Change. She inspired us with her leadership and support for social justice everywhere.

Celebrate Life! is inspired by her commitment to a better world, her unwavering care, consciousness and solidarity to fight injustice on a local and global level, but with this event, we hope honor her generous approach, caring sensibility and her ability to always find something to celebrate.
If you have photos, videos, comments, or reactions from this year's event, please send them to us at iacsc@pratt.edu.  We will be doing this event every year, so please be sure to include any advice or ideas you may have for Celebrate Life part 2!

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  1. Fantastic photographs, Brynna! Thanks for posting them. Cheers! Uzma