06 October 2011

Celebrate Life!

Event materials designed by Abby Grimshaw, Communications Design Student
Join us for Celebrate Life!
Tuesday, October 25, 2011, 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Pratt Institute Brooklyn Campus
Organized by the Initiative for Arts, Community and Social Change (IACSC)
Contact:  iacsc@pratt.edu

In honor of Monica Shay, colleague, mentor, teacher and friend, we are launching an annual campus happening that will celebrate life, creativity and collaboration.

This event serves as a reminder to treasure our talents and enjoy our passions—and to do so in the company of others. We hope over time it will build informal community—between students, departments, campuses, staff and faculty.

In what we hope will be an annual event, the Brooklyn campus will be our canvas and we welcome you to join us in our celebration.  So far, we have a brass band, outdoor projections, impromptu poetry readings, performance art,  juggling, and sculpture installations.  How will you celebrate?

Bring your sketchbook outside, build something, play something, talk to a stranger. Improvise! Have fun, and do what you love to do!

The only limits are your imagination and, of course, zero footprint—we want to be respectful of those who work hard to maintain our campus.

Still curious?  Email us or come find us on the 25th of October!

IACSC is proud to be collaborating with a growing list of departments, clubs, and individuals on campus to host this event:
  • ACMPeople (Arts and Cultural Management Program student organization)
  • SLAS (School of Liberal Arts and Sciences) 
  • Career Services
  • Juggler's Anonymous
  • Sculpture students
  • Film/Video students and faculty
  • Photography students and faculty
  • Digital Arts students and faculty
  • IACSC Members
  • Envirolution (Environmental group)
  • Pressure (Printmaking group)
  • Seth Tobocman
  • Writing students
  • Arts and Cultural Management students
  • Alumni Relations
  • And many more.  Join us!
This event was generously supported by the following individuals and departments:
  • Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment
  • The Pratt Center for Community Development
  • Student Involvement
  • Center for Sustainable Design Studies
  • Planning Department
  • Faculty Union, UFCT Local 1460
  • Photography Department
  • The Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Mai M. Graves
Pratt's Planning Department
The Pratt Center for Community Development
Pratt's Center for Sustainable Design Studies
The Pratt Faculty Union

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