29 January 2013

Featured Student Project: @twittertree

The following featured project was found at INITATIVE's Inclusion Illusion 2012 Event:


Devin Grosz & Will Hoffman

LOCATION: variable, can install in a tree along walkway towards ARC, near Grand Ave walkway
DESCRIPTION: This project gives physical form to the ephemeral digital presence of Twitter in our lives, and obliquely comments on its capacity for distraction and its potential to encourage activism. 

As the next generation of designers and innovators, students at Pratt must choose what role social media will play in their lives, both on election day and after their graduation. Interrupting the beauty and calm of Pratt’s Brooklyn campus with a cacophony of tweeting birds competing for attention, this installation confronts, prompts participation, and asks the public to reconsider — and possibly transform — their relationship with social media.

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