The Pratt Initiative for Arts, Community and Social Change (IACSC) seeks to encourage and support students and faculty to use the power of the arts to further social change. We also seek to collaborate externally with community organizations and individual artists.

To realize this goal, IACSC harnesses the resources of Pratt Institute to cultivate awareness, discourse and action in support of the arts as a critical catalyst for social change. We do this by fostering structures that stimulate cross-disciplinary collaboration among various communities at Pratt--academic departments, student organizations, and artistic disciplines.

In 2005, the Pratt Center for Community Development facilitated a meeting to initiate a connection between the Pratt Community and outside community organizations and artists. What emerged was a group of Pratt Institute faculty, staff and students who have worked together across disciplines to study and promote public discourse about the theory and practice of arts and community development. IACSC has continued to build off this synergy to become an academically based group that promotes social change through community engagement and a multidimensional approach to the arts.